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Username: PanPr0Pluco
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Registration Date: Sept 27, 2010
Last Active: Jan 04, 2012
Location: Poland
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Signature: Pick it, pack it fire it up, come
along and take a hit from the bong,
put the blunt down just for a
second don't get me wrong it's not
a new method
Inhale, exhale
Just got a ounce in the mail
I like a blunt or a big fat cone
but my double barrel bong is
gettin' me stoned, home skillet,
there's water inside don't spill
it, it smells like sh** on the
carpet still it, goes down smooth
when I get a clean hit of the
skunky funky smelly green sh**.
Sing my song, puff all night long
As I take hits from the bong <3
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