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Dec 25, 2005 at 07:07
Re: problem z modem

Missing entry in "Scenarios\...Conquest\Middle Ages\text\Pedialcons.txt"ICON_BLDG_MariusReform - taki jest komunikat.Myślę że jest to plik moda.Na stronie jest tylko patch 02 i jakiś komunikat,niestety moja znajomość angielskiego nie pozwala za wiele z niego wyciągnąć. - Anno Domini download link (385MB)

Anno Domini latest patch 08.11.05 (1.86MB)

After almost a year in development, Anno Domini is ready!! The mod covers four eras, from the dawn of time to the middle ages. You can play as one of 31 ancient/medieval civilizations - all with new dual-era leaderhead graphics from me (one style to cover Anno Incepti and Anno Laxamenti and another style to cover Anno Imperii and Anno Domini). Each civilization has flavour units (some done by myself and never released until this point), flavour technologies and flavour buildings.

The mod can also be treated as a goldmine of new graphics I've done. 31 leaderheads with Ancient and Medieval eras. Out of the over 200 units, 28 are ones I've done - there are more to come in a future expansion pack. There's countless new buildings and techs - basically, if I couldn't find what I wanted, I've created it myself.

The text files haven't missed out. There's a good civilopedia and the diplomacy file has been flavoured.

I truely hope you enjoy this mod. Whilst it attempts to be as historically accurate as possible, there are things that have been changed to make gameplay better. I'm sure we'll comment on those things in this thread as time goes on. Please remember that I made gameplay the most important consideration.

You will need to download the file and place the contents in your Civilization III/Conquests/Scenarios file. It is important to have your original C3C files there - Anno Domini draws from some of these for some of the buildings/techs/units.

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