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Lord Parkin 
Aug 08, 2014 at 03:11
Re: Steam + Civilization IV

Muszę jeszcze raz przepraszam za pisanie w języku angielskim.

* * *

As of a week or two ago, certain Gamespy servers relevant to Direct IP and Pitboss were shut down, which has resulted in players bouncing off each other when trying to connect simultaneously to a Direct IP or Pitboss game.

One of the forum members at Realms Beyond has worked out a fix for the problem of 2+ players connecting to a Direct IP or Pitboss game simultaneously without requiring a VPN. All you need to do is to configure the "hosts" file on your system to redirect connection attempts to the Gamespy natneg servers to another IP. Then you will be able to connect to any player who has applied the same fix.

Here's the link:

Our primary Pitboss host (Caledorn) is currently running an alternative natneg server, and he has mentioned it uses so little traffic that he's happy for others to simply connect to his IP if they wish. (You do not need to be playing in any of his games to make use of the fix.) Alternatively, if you're more comfortable rerouting your IP to someone you know, you can find the source code for the program in the same thread linked above, and you or one of your friends can host an alternative natneg server.

Happy gaming!

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