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Aug 25, 2017 at 13:28
Krótki opis organizacji walki w SE5

Wielokrotnie już byłem proszony o krótkie opisanie sposobu organizacji walki w SE5, który jest dość unikalny, ale zwykle miałem z tym duży problem, bo jest on też dość skomplikowany. Tym razem jakoś mi się to udało i aby sobie ułatwić sprawę następnym razem oraz przybliżyć to tym użytkownikom tutejszego forum, którzy nie znają SE5, przytoczę mój twór tutaj. Jest po angielsku, ale jeśli ktoś ma z tym problem, to niech da znać, a przetłumaczę na polski.


The game is based on the idea of fixed in length simultaneous turns which is very multiplayer-friendly allowing easy PBEM or PBW setups and amazing levels of role-playing by diplomatic notes between players. Orders to colonies, ships, task forces, fleets, creating designs, testing them in the combat simulator against known enemy ones in chosen fleet compositions – all these (and activities connected to research, diplomacy and spying) players do in the form of planning them and then they send their encrypted end of turn saves to a host (or a PBW site) where the game turn is executed and results send back. If there is a battle relevant players might see it at their leisure in as much detail as they want to the point of seeing the most interesting parts in slow motion.

How can a player predict where and when a battle will occur?

Each turn is executed in 30 ticks and battles happen when hostile fleets meet in the same sector (they are units in which the space of star systems is divided) in the same tick and to do informed predictions strong players have to take this under consideration together with expected enemy movements (how fast fleets are, what are their probable objectives and how sneaky their opponents are). More casual players can just order to intercept enemy fleets (or chosen ships from those fleets) that they see in their sensor range or defend in fixed positions.

How can a player influence what his assets do during a battle?

First of all, by designing his ships in a certain way and, based on it and their expected roles, by giving them their default tactics (they can be overridden by task force tactics), which are sets of modifiable behaviors regulating eg. range at which a ship tries to stay away from the enemy, at which point it tries to disengage, priorities of its fire (including types of enemy ships, how much they are damaged, whether it should prioritize weapons or engines damage etc.), whether or not it should board or invade, when they should break formation, whether or not launch units (such as fighters or drones), when stop defending a fixed position (such as a colony or warp-point)… Then, players can form fleets with task forces in formations from doctrine sets, add ships to task forces in formations from the sets as well and give task forces general tactics that are as detailed and modifiable as ship tactics.

Eg. you could set up a task force as to try to focus its fire on enemy noncombatans such as supply or repair ships kept in the rear echelon and try to achieve a battle in which one of your fleets attack from the front of enemy formation occupying his combatants while the second one attacks from the rear destroying supply ships and thus making their combatants very vulnerable (when their supplies are depleted they are just sitting ducks) to a follow up battle (it’s possible to arrange that the enemy fleet is attacked many times during the same turn even by the same fleets).

In SE5 both doomstack and dispersed fleets arrangements (based on delaying enemy actions and zone defense) are viable. Even much weaker fleets can defeat a strong one there when a player is able to create specific circumstances using fleet movement on the strategical level and task force compositions supported by relevant tactics on the tactical one.

This robust system, even despite bugs, implementation shortcomings and a very far from perfect combat AI, allows diligent players to achieve surprisingly smart ship behaviors on both the strategical and tactical levels. It’s perhaps too complicated for many players to deeply get into but I consider the idea to be perfect for PBEM/PBW space4X games that have battles on the level of thousands of ships (in SE5 battles of hundreds of ships and thousands of fighters are common).

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