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Dec 21, 2017 at 12:38
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Co powiecie na taką listę zmian w Victory is Life:

Dominion Overhaul

- The new "Dominion Member State" mechanic will replace Vassals for the dominion, allowing players to further exploit their subjects, demanding tributes, ships and even planets!
- The Great Link mechanic, allowing players the ability to dispatch Changeling Infiltrators to neighboring empires.
- "The Hundred" event chain.
- Dominion-appropriate replacement of the vanilla Pirate events.
- Dynamic anomaly based on the DS9 episode "The Ship".
- Visual updates for most Dominion ships, including a new Dreadnought Supercarrier, as well as several new station models.
- Dominion now start with Polaron Torpedoes as a starting weapon
- New Dominion-centric Tradition and Tech branch.
- New Dominion-style custom UI sub-mod, developed by Cutter Slade, is available to download
- New Dominion-unique megastructures, including the Super Carrier ship yard and the Asteroid Prison
- Vorta and Jem'Hadar can now be genetically engineered and improved with a individual lists of unique traits

Major New Features

- Civilian Modules: A total overhaul to Science and Colony ships, that will now be able to unlock unique modules that will give them special abilities never before seen in New Horizons or Vanilla. Make your Colony Ships carry prefabricated structures and have your Science Ship become a floating Gambling Den!
- New Federation Council mechanics – gain access to unique technologies by federation members, establish embassies, adopt new ship construction techniques and dictate federation-wide policies. There have also been significant improvements to the accession mechanic.
- New Federation megastructure: The Argus Array
- Many faction uniue technologies and buildings, including the Monastery of Boreth and the Rure Penthe penal colony for the Klingon and the City Ship for the Voth
- A new 'performance' variant of our official New Horizon Main Galaxy map is out, which should provide players with improved game performance and more strategic challenges!
- The restored BOTF map is back, for your enjoyment!

Ships and species

- New Ship sets - Voth, Kobali and the First Federation
- Improved ship models and additional stations for Vulcan and a new Generic race ship set and stations.
- A number of new Unaffected Races will join the galaxy, including the First Federation, the Metron Consortium and the Cytherians.
- Voth and Hur'q are set to be Unaffected Races (Fallen Empires) when not played by a human.
- Oschean Hunters, their Tosk prey and Skrreean races are added and now playable.
- Banean species added to the Delta Quadrant.


- The NX Project, a new event chain for United Earth, will tie the story of the first Human Hero Ship - Enterprise - better into the game universe.
- Improved terraform Mars mechanics with unique new building icons and mechanics - and a fresh new "Blue Mars" texture. Special thanks to Annantar and Lex Peregrine!
- Borgified vanilla events, which will make your borg experience even more immersive!

Balance and Components

- Unique military consoles, capable of sending slavers, marines and even humanitarian aid corps to enemy planets during engagements, are now available to most large military ships
- An overhaul to starting conditions of all species, rebalancing empires across the board with a more standartized number of populations, resources and tile blockers. Klingons, Voth, Romulans, Xindi and Hurq starting conditions have been dramatically re-balanced.
- Overhaul to combat sensors. They should perform a lot more intuitively now and offer more player choice
- Re-balanced most utilities and components, including tactical components, computers and warp engines
- Re-balanced starbases, military stations and passive defenses - making them a lot more potent and meaningful
- Re-balance to all weapons, streamlining ranges and adding new torpedoes and starting weapons to factions such as the Vidiians and Krenim

General Improvements

- Three new music tracks, courtesy of the London Digital Symphony and the composer Travis Grubissi
- Added hundreds of species-specific diplomatic lines, further increasing immersion.
- A total overhaul to the faction system, updating it with New Horizons relevant demands and policies, and giving most species a list of lore-friendly and appropriate names
- Incremental NCC ship registries for Starfleet vessels.
- Event to allow important leaders to have ships named after them on their deaths.
- Re-factored assimilation mechanics to remove edge cases that prevented species from being assimilated by the Borg.
- Option to switch to Borg Cooperative or Unimatrix Zero if the rebellions occur.
- Assimilated planets are turned to their original planet class when not being owned for a few years
- Unique fighter components and weapons for all five major factions - Federation, Cardassian, Romulan, Dominion and Klingon
- Many more original and lore-appropiate civics, governments and traits.
- Players will be happy to know the decadent trait has been removed entirely
- Unique traditions for a wide range of factions, including the Klingons, Ferengi, Bajorans and Voth, recognizing their unique philosophies, governments and religions.
- Many more Q-bit tutorials and voice overs, as well as expanded tooltips and text icons, meant to make New Horizons as user friendly as possible
- Improved Namelists for many empires.
- War names revamp - many unique lore-appropiate war names
- A total re-balance for strategic resources drop rates
- Streamlining living standards and prosperity costs

Graphics and UI

- Updated all species leader portraits with the assimilated appearance.
- Added a glossary to the empire selection screen, which will indicate where each empire is located on the map, how important it is and whether it has an unique shipset.
- A whole range of new buildings icons, including distinct visual styles to each of the lab buildings
- Brand new Nightscape texture, courtesy of Dwaine
- Unique rooms for certain key empires

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