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Game Name: testowa
Type: SMAC
Mode: PBEM
Date Posted: Dec 17, 2005
Owner: LoD
Status: Running
Max Players: 2
Additional Info: testowa gra dla logowania turek
Player list:

LoD -
Krasny -

Add to Queue:
Already in
Size of Planet:
Ocean Coverage:
Erosive Forces:
Native Life Forms:
Cloud Cover:
Higher Goal:
Total War:
Peace in Our Time:
Mine, All Mine:
One for All:
Do or Die:
Look First:
Tech Stagnation:
Spoils of War:
Blind Research:
Intense Rivalry:
No Unity Survey:
No Unity Scattering:
Bell Curve:
Time Warp:
Iron Man:
Randomize faction leader personalities:
Randomize faction leader social agendas:
Turn Tracker
Current Game Date: MY 2100 (Turn 0)
Civ Player Name Has Turn Avg. Time per PBEM turn
LoD 0.07 h
Krasny Yes (129495.97 h) -
Status: God Emperor

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testowa [post #1]

testowa gra dla logowania turek

I love the tick of the Geiger counter in the morning. It's the sound of... victory!

Dec 17, 2005 at 22:09
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XFire lordofdusk
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